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Latest Products and Developments

New extra wide two-piece BTA mounts for aerobars of 140-160mm bar centerline now available.  These mounts have 10mm slots for adjustment up to a maximum 170mm width.  These mounts can also be angled in if your aerobars are angled in as well.

Single Piece Wide Shimano Pro Missile Aerobar Mount Now Available

If you are looking for a really slick lightweight BTA mount for your wide Pro Missile aerobar system, I have just created a custom one-piece mount as shown in the pictures below.  The mount shown is for a 150mm center spacing with a slight inward angle going forward.  This mount uses my popular zip-tie arrangement for a super solid mount.  If you would like more information, please let me know.

If you are looking for a way to mount your Garmin or Wahoo computer as well as a light, camera, or blip box on the front of your bike, this might be the mount for you.  The pictures below show a mount made for aerobars that have a 110mm spacing (with 10mm of adjustment), but I can make a mount to fit your exact size.  If you are interested in something like this please let me know and I will try to help you out.  

Another New Product Coming Soon - 15 degree carbon fiber aerobar cup mounts

A new project here at Alden Carbon is a one-piece aerobar bad holder.  Shown is the pad rest that is 300mm wide by 100mm long.  If you would like to learn more about this project just let me know.

Popular products

Computer Aerobars Mount for Garmin (TM) and Wahoo (TM) Computers

Cost: $65


You have just found the lightest and most aerodynamic adjustable aerobar computer mount on the market.  This mount is designed for those that need the best mount available today.  This mount allows the computer to be perfectly placed in the center of the aerobars and has a super low weight of ~20 grams (standard width) with the lowest frontal surface area of any mount on the market, plus, it is 100% carbon fiber, what more could you ask for.

Extended computer mount for the XLab Torpedo bottle system, Profile Design Aero HC, or any other longer water bottles systems

Cost: $65

If you are looking for an elegant solution to mount your computer in front of your longer BTA hydration system, this just might be the mount for you.  This mount puts the computer right where you need it while keeping the aerodynamics of your bike clean in front of your bottle system.  This mount allows the computer to be perfectly placed in the center of the aerobars and has a very low weight of ~32 grams, and is 100% carbon fiber.  If you have a Trek Speed Concept or any other bike where your mounting locations are limited, this might just be the perfect solution.

Carbon Fiber 15 Degree Angled Aerobar Pad Cups

Cost: $85

When you need to get into the fastest aerodynamic position on the bike, these might be the arm pad cups for you.  The latest trend in aerobar positioning is the slightly raised up position of the aerobars and these 15 degree cups work perfectly for this, plus they are UCI legal.

Other products we offer

Between the Aerobars (BTA) Bottle and Computer Mount Systems

Custom Design BTA Cross Braces (Premier Tactical  Brace Shown Below)


Between the Aerobars (BTA) Base Mount System

Custom BTA base plates can be produced to fit your unique application

If you need a custom bridge plate that goes across your aerobars for added support, or mounting of bottle cages and computer mounts, please let us know and we will see if we can design something up for you to fit your exact needs.



All the products I produce come straight out of my molds and cut to shape.  I do not paint or clearcoat any products as I believe the raw carbon look is the way to go.  Also, I do not use any cheaper carbon fiber on the inside of my parts, I use only the same material on the inside as you see on the outside.  Although more costly, this makes my parts stronger and more durable.

Shipping Information

  • Free shipping in the USA via USPS Priority Mail for all products.

  • Shipping outside of the USA will be $20 via USPS First Class.

  • Other services are available (FedX, UPS, etc.) at an additional cost.

Shipping Lead Times

  • Due to the custom nature on a lot of our components, lead times are typically in the 2-3 day range for most items.

  • I will e-mail once your order is shipped.  If longer than two days, I will send you a note letting you know the expected ship date.

All payments for purchases are made through PayPal.  Typical credit card payments are supported within PayPal as well.

Alden Carbon LLC
Seymour, IN. USA

All our products are designed and produced in the USA by us in our small shop

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