Aerobars Computer Mounts for Garmin (TM) and Wahoo (TM) Computers

$65 ($7 flat rate shipping in the USA with $20 shipping outside of the USA)

Product Overview

  • If you are looking for the lightest and most aerodynamic aerobar computer mount on the market, this is a must have mount.  This is an adjustable mount that always keeps the computer centered in your bars.

  • A simple and elegant solution for your computer mounting needs with a low frontal area, the lowest on the market.

  • Super low weight at ~20 grams (standard width), the lowest on the market, compare to other mounts that are 2-4 times heavier.

  • 100% all carbon fiber, made from 9 layers of carbon fiber, the same carbon fiber throughout.

  • Secures to your aerobars with super strong zip ties with internal stainless steel grippers, the best on the market.

  • Aircraft quality stainless steel (SS304) fasteners.

  • Mounts are available for all 1/4 turn Garmin bike computers, XT running computers, as well as the popular Wahoo bike computers.

Sizes Available


  • 55-75mm (Extra Narrow Version)

  • 70-100mm (Narrow Width Version)

  • 90-120mm (Standard Width Version)

  • 100-135mm (Wide Width version)

  • 140mm, 150mm & 160mm extra wide. These mounts have slots to give you +/-10mm adjustment from the stated size

Super low frontal area for less aerodynamic drag

Slots for easy adjustment of different aerobar widths

Garmin XT and Wahoo mounts available, plastic mount is rotated 90 degrees

Extra narrow width version.  When ordering the extra narrow mount, please included the rough center distance of your aerobars where the mount will be placed as I want to make sure we keep as much of the plastic mount in contact with the carbon plates.


Wahoo Mount

Aerobar Mount Mounting Instructions (click on icon)

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