15 Degree Angled Aerobar Pad Cups (Set of 2)

$75 (shipping is free in the USA with $20 shipping outside of the USA)

04/05/19: NOTE: I am currently working with a aerobar pad supplier and hope to offer pads to fit these cups very soon.  Keep an eye out for future updates.

Product Overview

  • If you are trying to find the perfect position for your arms when in the aerobars, these 15 degree angled aerobar pad cups might be able to help you out.

  • These angled pad mounts are UCI legal with the maximum 15 degree tilt.

  • Low weight of ~75 - 90 grams (width dependent)

  • 100% all carbon fiber.  2.5mm thick plain weave pattern. Produced with 14 layers of carbon fiber for a high strength component.

  • These are a semi-custom product where you drill your mounting holes to match your aerobar system setup.  We can put mounting holes in these cups with dimensions supplied.

NOTE: For ordering, the information I need to meet your needs are shown in the drawing below.  The drawing below is the maximum size I can make as the part comes out of the mold and can be made smaller. The drawing represents the 'GENERIC' size and will be the supplied size if no other dimensions are given.

If you could supply me with the 'A', 'B', and 'C' dimensions, I can get you the size you need.


These will come with no mounting holes, but if you supply me with the dimensions I can put these in as well.

PDF file of the drawing

Below are a couple of pictures of the carbon fiber blank directly from the forming mold.  If you are someone that likes to create their own design, but need a starting point, these might be for you.  I can supply you the blank and you can take it from here.

$60 (shipping is free in the USA with $20 shipping outside of the USA)

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