Carbon Fiber Crankset Covers

Product Overview

  • Super low weight of ~36 grams

  • 100% all carbon fiber

  • Can be attached with screws (as shown), but the most popular mounting method is with the supplied double back tape.  This tape is super strong and waterproof.

  • Multiple options are available for my crank covers from a blank cover out of the mold, to a correct trimmed outer diameter for your chainring size.

$60  Untrimmed final cover plus a test cut cover

$80  Outer diameter trimmed to size plus a test cut cover

($7shipping in the USA with $20 shipping outside of the USA)

Untrimmed blanks - right out of the mold

Trimmed outer cover with an extra test cut cover

Please check out the multiple reviews on our crank covers at the below links, just click on the picture to be taken to the website

NOTE: Currently the only cover design I have is to work with chainrings that have a flat mounting surface.  I am attempting to create a mold to work with the taper chainring that Shimano uses as pictured below.  I hope to have this sorted out by the end of April 2020

Flat crank cover design.  If you have  a special need, just let me know and I will try to help you out.

Most Popular Seller for the DIY Installation

Due to all of the various cranksets that are on the market, I am not able to supply a cover that has the crankarm window cut in the cover.


The most popular method we sell is supplying a final cover trimmed to the correct outer diameter as well as a test cutting cover for the crankarm window opening, so two covers sent.  This allow the user to use the supplied test cutting cover to cut the window shape in the test cover and then transfer the shape to the final cover and cut out the window. Below is the crank cover crankarm opening cutting instruction guide to give you an idea of the procedure.

Simple tools needed to cut a crankarm window in the cover or cutting the outside diameter for a specific chainring size

Crank Cover Adhesive Tape Attachment Instructions (click on icon)

Crank Cover Crankarm Opening Cutting Instruction (click on icon)

This is the tape we use for the adhesive tape mounting method, (click on link to be take to Grainger's order page)

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