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Alden Carbon LLC is a small carbon fiber bike component manufacturing shop that was founded by me (Glen Alden) just over 7 years ago.  Due to my passion for the sport of cycling, and the need to create cool unique high tech carbon fiber products for my own time trial race bike, it led me down the path for creating the shop that currently now exists.


Unexpectedly, I never intended to create products to produce and sell to others, but once my Time Trial bike was featured on the popular triathlon website Tririg (see link below), there was no turning back.  The response from others asking where they could get parts like I produced was overwhelming, and it was then I knew I needed to start offering others my components to fill the same need they were looking for on their bike.  With this exposure, I started what was 'Alden Tri-TT Designs' at the time and the idea to have a small shop took on a life of its own.  I changed the business name in late 2016 to 'Alden Carbon LLC' to make it easier to find on the web and here we are today.

By day, I am a Design Engineer working in the automotive field as an engine systems and component designer working in the Mid-West, and by night and weekends, I become Alden Carbon LLC.  All the carbon fiber products you see on this website are produced in my spare time, fitting all this work in between my day job, family, training, and racing.  I have been competing in bike time trial racing for over 12 years now and racing Cyclocross in the fall for the past four years.

Although I try to keep some items in stock all the time, the waiting time on most orders are in the 2-3 day time frame due to all the orders I receive.  Also, due to some of the unique custom work I do for others, lead times vary on components, but I always keep our customers informed along the whole process.

Thank you for visiting my website, and if you feel we might be able to help you out, just let us know and we will see what we can do.

Thank you again, Glen

This is what started it all

2020 Time Trial Race Bike Set-up

About Us

About the Carbon Fiber Production Shop

What is in the shop

  • A dedicated carbon fiber grinding room for cutting and sanding the rough shape of the component (if needed) before it heads to the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines for the final detail trimming. This room consists of a band saw, belt sanders, several die grinders with various cutting and sanding bits, and a dust collection system.  (This room is not shown in these pictures)

  • Two CNC mini-mill/router machines, the models are the CNC3040 and CNC6040 machines.  These mills are fitted with their own dedicated fixture base plate system for easy set-up for all standard and custom work components.  These machines are fitted with remote controllers for machine movement as well as coolant systems to keep the carbon fiber dust from entering the air during the machining operations.  These machines are each controlled by their own computer system using the Mach3 machining software.

  • Another dedicated computer system for all design and machine code creation using the popular Autocad Fusion 360 software.

  • A 3D printer for making test parts and test molds and fixtures.  This printer is the Maker Gear M2 printer and works very well with a large part build area.

  • Carbon fiber curing oven for post curing of the carbon fiber as needed.  This oven is also used during the vacuum forming of some carbon fiber components.

  • A carbon fiber wet lay-up station where most of the carbon fiber components are placed in the forming molds.

  • A carbon fiber sheet cutting station with multiple styles of cutting options.

  • Multiple storage cabinets to support the business, these cabinets hold all of the carbon fiber materials as well as the stock of components, and all of the packaging and shipping supplies.

  • If you would like to know more about anything you see in the shop, just let me know.

Alden Carbon LLC
Seymour, IN. USA

All our products are designed and produced in the USA by us in our small shop

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