Computer Aerobars Mount for Garmin (TM) and Wahoo (TM) Computers

Detail Specifications

  • Low frontal area, the lowest on the market.

  • Super low weight at 17 grams, the lowest on the market, compare to other mounts that are 2-3 times heavier

  • 100% all carbon fiber

  • Secures with super strong zip ties with internal stainless steel gripper

  • Aircraft quality stainless steel (SS304) fasteners.

Cost: $55 (shipping is free in the USA with $15 shipping outside of the USA)

Sizes Available

Slots for easy adjustment of aerobar widths

Garmin XT and Wahoo mount, plastic mount rotated 90 degrees

  • 55-75mm (Extra Narrow Version)

  • 70-100mm (Narrow Width Version)

  • 90-120mm (Standard Width Version)

  • 100-135mm (Wide Width version)

  • Custom wide widths version (above 135mm) with added center bridge available

Super low frontal area for less drag

Extra narrow width version

Custom designs available on request

Sizes Available

Extra narrow width version

Alden Carbon LLC
Seymour, IN. USA

All our products are designed and produced in the USA by us in our small shop

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