Carbon Fiber Tire Lever Set

Cost: $18 ($4 first class flat rate shipping in the USA and $15 outside of the USA)

Product Overview

  • If you are looking for the lightest, strongest, and coolest bike tire lever set on the market, look no further, this is the lever set for you. This is also the perfect gift item for the cyclist that has everything.

  • Super low weight of 12 grams, and super narrow to take up the least amount of space in your saddle bag.

  • A must for the weight weenie in all of us, compare to others on the market.

  • These levers work great on road and mountain bike tires, as well as the increasingly popular tubeless tires.

  • 100% all carbon fiber, no more using metal levers on your nice carbon and aluminum wheels, or breaking the weak plastic levers that are everywhere on the market.

  • When you want the best in your bag, these levers are a must.

  • Cost is for one set of two levers as shown.

  • Made with the best US sourced pre-impregnated carbon fiber for the ultimate in strength. We use uni-direction carbon fiber in the inside of the lever to resist bending when you are removing the tire from the rim with twill outer layers to resist bending in all directions.  The levers are ~2.5mm thick each.

Our Lever Set

Popular brand on the market today

Super thin compared to other levers. Means more room in your saddle bag for other items :o)

This is how we do it in case you wondered.  We produce our own molds, cut our pre-preg carbon fiber, lay up in the molds and cut on our in-house CNC router / mill to get the awesome finished product.

Great looking photos from the TriRig feature article

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